By Charlie Hartono - 4:46:00 pm

Verily, I am not a big fan of snake, its blood or even the meat.  For most people, snake is associated with evil. It makes many people are afraid of it, particularly for its deadly venom.

Every time I see snake, it always reminds me to the son of Apollo: Asclepius – the god of medicine in ancient Greek story. I am very sure that there must be a strong reason why Snake was so inspiring him so that he holds the rod firmly together with a coiled snake. And I assume that the venom of the snake has been used by him as lifesaving treatments at that time. As we all know, nowadays snake is part of the medical world symbolic brand.

I had the opportunity dropping by at one of the snake soup and satay seller at Mangga Besar area few weeks ago. One thing that I always admire from Edi - the street food vendor is their extraordinary courage to sell something that not everyone dare to eat. From the conversation that I had with him, I learnt that the snake meat has lots of health benefit, one of them is to cure problem with skin. He also taught me how to catch a snake properly and how to tease and play with a Cobra.

There is always some good behind things that we thought it’s a bad. And that’s apply to the venom of a snake.

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