By Charlie Hartono - 1:26:00 am

It's been close to a year I did not take any human interests photo. It’s due to I have sold my DSLR camera before I departed to Malawi. As a replacement, I decided to buy a simple smart-phone of ASUS Z01 HD. The best thing about this device is its ƒ/1.7 SONY IMX362 sensor. 

I never realized how powerful the photo output produced by this handphone until yesterday I took a candid photo of this little girl in Chimbiya Primary School in Dedza. I put the title “HOPE” for this photo as I can see strong hope in her eyes while at the same time her other friends seem to show ignorance towards her optimism. 

I must say this is one of my favorite photo among others which I have ever captured. This photo has a deep self reminder that HOPE never fails.

#Malawi #Africa

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