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By Charlie Hartono - 4:03:00 am

This short piece of writing was not intended to brag my self but I have to be frankly that it has been one of my longtime desire to earn the Google Partners' certification.

Stupefy, my initial intention was not to be the one of Google Adwords' Consultant or entering into the Digital Marketing Agencies business. I just simply wanted to do the right thing by understanding better how Google works. To me, Google is such a tremendous company with tons of creative and brilliant people with their googliness developing fresh ideas for this world. For sure, being proactive, going extra miles and learning deeper about Google Partners gives me such an unbeatable experience. Others - including the certificates were just an extra bonus for me.

Ever since I attended the Google Downunder offline event in Pullman Hotel Auckland in 2014, I promised myself that I have to strive very hard to get myself plunged into the online courses and get examined. At that time I was still a student at the University of Auckland so it took me quite longer than I thought plus I had to put extra effort to pursue my goal.

Well, finally after accomplishing the 8 Google Partner's specialization courses plus the examination, towards the end of 2017 I got certified. Plus, I had the opportunity to also grasp the gist of the Online Marketing Fundamentals qualification from Google Digital Garage - endorsed by IAB Europe. Yeay!

As my moment of reflection, I always remember the sayings "No Mountain Too High, - No Valley Too Low - No River Too Wide, for those who are persistent and curious enough"

PS: For those of you who are interested to follow my path, you can start your journey and get your self-trained at Google Academy for Ads - this is a new home as the old Google Partners' platform has been consolidating into one learning source.

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