My Candy

By Charlie Hartono - 12:43:00 pm

I know it is not easy to take a portraiture photo, especially with children.

It was a very cold day at Rumphi District in Malawi around noon on my way back to Lilongwe. 

I had a pack of candies left in my car and I wanted to share it with some kids. So I stopped by at one small village where there were several cute children.

Eve is probably one of the nicest girls which I encountered that day. She looks very innocent and just wanted to have her candy from me. She does not care about anything except getting her candy and enjoy it.

If you look at her eyes in this photo, you will see a reflection of my white car.
The idea of this photo actually would like to depict that sometimes in children life they do not need any fancy or expensive stuff except just her candy that she's been longing for :)

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