Pestle and Mortar

By Charlie Hartono - 4:24:00 am

Pestle and mortar is an analogy and symbol of intimacy that portray a harmonious relationship between male and female. The position of the pestle at the top and mortar at the bottom sometimes becomes a kind of allegory of the masculine dominative system in the society.
The rhythm and melody resulted from pounding activities become a unique music of its own, which is exhilarating. The pounders and their surrounding people talk, joke, and share stories with each other - bringing emotional closeness which makes the rural atmosphere warm.
Pestle and mortar are two inseparable things. They are part of an ethnocultural heritage which is almost totally extinct and replaced by today's machine.
‘Pounding’ (English) / ‘Kusinja’ (Chichewa) / ‘Menumbuk’ (Indonesian)
‘Mortar’ (English) / ‘M’Ntondo’ (Chichewa) / ‘Lesung’ (Indonesian)
‘Pestle’ (English) / ‘Musi’ (Chichewa) / ‘Alu’ (Indonesian)

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