By Charlie Hartono - 8:53:00 pm

For most Indonesian, Indomie may be the only instant food that can overcome homesickness while living abroad. A while ago, I cooked Indomie instant noodle for my friend Blessings Banda. It’s the very first time in his life to taste it and he apparently loves it much! (Pardon me for the rough ROFL in the video – I just got so hilarious looking at him enjoying it).
Instant noodle was first introduced to the Indonesian people in 1969 and until now the brand has been a phenomenon in the industry - not only in Indonesia but also globally. It has the presence in more than 100 countries and at least exported to 80 destination countries with 15 billion packs of Indomie were produced yearly. In Nigeria, Indomie replaces the word 'noodle' itself. It is the largest instant noodle factory in Africa with 10 factories, pulling in more than $600 million USD a year.
Yesterday was 73rd Indonesia Independence Day. Indomie has become the pinnacle of Indonesia’s most proud brand. Through ages, Indomie has successfully turned taste into a way of life that so many people wanted. It is a diplomatic tool to knit and unite a peaceful friendship across nations.

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