Under the same Sun

By Charlie Hartono - 5:16:00 am

I met Chisomo during my field visit. In the Chichewa language, Chisomo means Grace. Although he was born as a person with albinism, he seems very confident and comfortable chilling out with his buddies. I can see he truly has that sparkling grace inside of him which makes all his friends enjoy playing with.
Sub-Saharan African countries possess the highest number of people living with Albinism in the world. Besides struggling with the sunlight – which can easily cause skin cancer and vision loss, they are also living in a deep fear. For the superstitious rituals, traditional healers (witch-doctors) attack and hunt people living with Albinism body parts to believe that their body can bring riches, success, power or sexual conquest.
In Malawi, many people with albinism live in remote, impoverished communities where superstitions are still there and correct information about albinism is not yet widely understood.
People in the communities indeed play very important roles to stop this and to protect people with albinism. I am so grateful that under the same sun, little Chisomo is surrounded by his friends love and protection. I hope as he grows up, he may live in freedom without fear.

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